Secure payment

BricoAluminio offers you 3 payment methods:

- by credit card (Visa or Visa Electron, Mastercard),

- by Bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by card, the amount will be charged at the time the order is placed, as long as you have obtained prior authorization from your bank or savings bank. If, on the other hand, the payment is not authorized, your order will be cancelled.
Card payment security

To guarantee confidentiality in the transfer of data on the Internet, BricoAluminio uses a security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is accepted by the vast majority of browsers. This system ensures the identity of the seller, guarantees the integrity of the message and encodes the data with up to 128-bit encryption (it would take thousands of years for the most powerful computer in the world to decode the message), which guarantees that if someone intercepts the communication will not be able to interpret it.

Safe browser. To verify that secure communication is used when sending information over the Internet, you have to look if the 'http://' in the upper box where the address is written becomes 'https://', ​​or if in the lower part to the right of the most common browsers appears a closed padlock.

For the bank transfer option, the shipment will be made at the time the transfer is received in the BricoAluminio account.

SEQURA - Pago fraccionado:

Elige pagar a tu ritmo en los plazos que más te convenga por una mini cuota fija al mes. Costes claros y transparentes. Con sólo 5 datos y aprobación al instante. Suena bien, ¿no? Haz tus compras con seQura en un plis. Sin papeleo y sin subir ningún documento. Fácil, rápido y seguro.

1. Elige seQura como método de pago y selecciona la cantidad de cuotas al finalizar tu pedido. 2. Completa 5 datos y al instante te confirmamos tu compra. Hoy sólo pagas el primer plazo. 3. Disfruta de tu compra y paga cómodamente. Tus pagos se harán automáticamente cada mes.

Si tienes dudas, resuélvelas aquí.

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